Beverage Manager, The Albatross Restaurant @ Settlers Bay Golf Course

Settlers Bay Golf Course LLC
Job Description
Job Description
Beverage Manager
Job Purpose:
Ensure that beverage department runs smoothly, profitably, efficiently and within the guidelines of the law and service standards of warm and friendly customer service that contributes to the overall customer experience.  Supervise and administer all phases of bar and serving operations, including beer, wine, liquor, and snack purchases and selection; preparation and menu planning, supervision of subordinates, coordination of bar, restaurant service, and beverage cart with other departments.  Produce the highest quality service and sanitation standards at a cost level consistent with management objectives
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Establish procedures and standards for bar operation to meet a warm and friendly service standard and the facilities goals on COGS.  Supervise drink preparation, cost controls, quantity inventories, portion control for all items served and assist in establishing selling price, recipes and testing of samples submitted by suppliers; plan monthly bar budget.
2. Hire, train, and schedule staff to work bar, deck, and dining room to meet quality service and presentation standards that compliment a warm and friendly atmosphere and promotes the responsible service of alcohol and compliance with food safety regulations. Responsible for training program and proper placement of employees; set up work schedules & job requirements to assure that service standards are economical, safe, clean, technically correct, and within budgeted labor cost goals; maintains and regulates appearance, upkeep, cleanliness standards of staff. 
3. Maintain and provide inventory reports to meet budgeted goals for snacks, beer, liquor, and wine COGS and labor. May revise work schedule for each week.  Monitors actual financial results and takes corrective action as necessary to help assure that financial goals are met.
4. Establish procedures to keep bar, dining, restrooms, and storage areas neat, clean, tidy, and sanitized to the highest standard.  
5. Responsible for maintenance of equipment, purchase of expendable supplies and glassware.   Complete market list and requisition of products; order necessary items insures quantities ordered are correct upon delivery.
6. Responsible for procedures for daily bar and restaurant deposit and check out of register.
7. In charge of dining room set-up for regular dining and special events.
8. Train bar and restaurant employees to meet The Albatross’ quality standards and presentation along with answering customer inquiries and responding to their needs, including diffusing and resolving disputes or complaints.  Establish good communication between shifts and departments.
9. Responsible for beer & wine list, presentation, and promotion. 
10. Responsible for liquor list, cocktail menu, presentation, and promotion.  Establish recipe book for all specialty drinks.
11. Responsible training for beverage cart on golf course procedures of check out and check in.
12. Ensure cleanliness and safe lock up of building each night.
13.  Work with other departments to coordinate special functions, projects & Outings.  Attends staff, management meetings, to assure customer service is meeting customer expectations.  Helps plan marketing and sales promotion for building F/B Business
Four-year degree from an accredited university - Preferred
At least 4 years experience in F&B - Required.
Excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, organizational and planning skills - Required
Working knowledge of computers-Required.
Working knowledge of F&B cost control, staff planning, banquet service/sales, equipment/reports, Board of Health rules and regulations, State liquor laws and TAP Card - Required.
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